Our Process

Typically the process begins with a brief telephone consultation with Dr. Brod, for which there is no charge.  Then a one-hour consultation with Dr. Brod is arranged and appropriate intake forms are emailed for the patient to complete before that meeting*. Then, within that first consultation, Dr. Brod arrives at a working diagnosis and suggests a treatment plan.  At present the fee for that consultation is $300 (45 minutes) or $600 (90 minutes).  Intake forms and symptom inventories are usually sent by email before the initial consultation.

If a form of biofeedback is indicated, the patient will begin working with one of Dr. Brod’s associates.  The individual treatment plan is developed by Dr. Brod who continues to supervise and monitor each case.  The fee for each biofeedback/neurofeedback session is currently $150.

If psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, or medication management is needed, Dr. Brod handles that directly.  All sessions with Dr. Brod are for at least 45 minutes; 2-3 hour sessions may be arranged.

While we are not participants in any insurance program, we are happy to complete insurance forms for you.  MediCare does not reimburse for any biofeedback/neurofeedback services we offer.

You also have an option to have neurofeedback without Dr. Brod’s supervision, that is to work out in our “EEGym“.  You would be expected to sign a release that you understand that you are not coming to the office (the EEGym®) to be under the medical care or supervision of Dr. Brod.  And, of course, the use of any medical insurance would be inappropriate.

Be sure to ask about our unique “Satisfaction Guarantee” program.  Starting November 2015, patients who sign up for the “Satisfaction Guarantee” program and pre-pay for ten neurofeedback sessions and participate in the symptom tracking program who are not satisfied with their progress after ten neurofeedback sessions, can choose to receive a 50% refund or another 10 sessions without charge.

PARKING VALIDATION offered to those who PAY with A CHECK at the time of service.  This is our way of thanking you (and sharing our savings) for helping us avoid the bank service fees on your credit card use.  However, we are set up to take PayPal in the office as payment if you choose to do so.


Prior to the initial consultation, additional forms or computerized testing may need to be completed as well, especially when there are issues that seem to stem from Attention Deficit Disorder (“an invisible disability,” Dr. Brod calls it) or head injury.