Message From Dr. Brod

Shame and anxiety (hidden or tormentingly on the surface) are key discomforts in each person; however, everyone is miraculously unique. In my practice, we aim to pinpoint the help you need and offer the quickest and most lasting treatment appropriate. Sometimes that is intensive psychotherapy that can be short-term or go on for years if appropriate; sometimes it is a few sessions of a technique like EMDR that sort-of resets the brain after an emotional trauma. Often I recommend brainwave biofeedback (EEG neurofeedback). Always I’m seeking the most naturalistic treatment, with the least amount of medication practical.
I have had specialized training in Psychoanalysis (I teach at the New Center for Psychoanalysis) and continue extensive study of deep psychotherapy.

Concurrently, I have been actively involved in EEG neurofeedback since 1989 (and have taught a course for other psychiatrists many years at the American Psychiatric Assn annual meeting).

Along the way, I have become fascinated with ADHD, an invisible disability, and how issues of self-regulation may be addressed. At UCLA, where I am an Associate Clinical Professor, I teach psychotherapy to psychiatric residents.