Poem (untitled) by Jan Richardson Somewhere the sun has comecrashing down. Look, the world is always ending somewhere. Somewhere it has gonecompletely dark. Somewhere it has endedwith the gun, the knife, the fist. Somewhere it has endedwith the slammed door, the shattered hope. Somewhere it has endedwith the utter quiet that follows the news from the phone,  […]

Four Preludes by Carl Sandberg

I had the opportunity today to hear Michael Tilson Thomas lead the LA Philharmonic in his own Four Preludes on Playthings of the Wind (2003; 2016), a powerful 30 minute piece.  It is a setting of Carl Sandburg’s 1922 poem of the same name. I haven’t found a link to Thomas’s piece online, but here […]

A Therapist-In-Training Becomes Profound

A young and valued colleague, Maury Joseph PsyD, who has recently assumed directorship of the ISTDP program at Washington School of Psychiatry, has published a lovely piece about maturing into an accomplished therapist by attending to his internal struggle with his own self-expectations and his clients’ unique relationship needs.  I am reprinting portions of it […]

Humanity’s Evolutionary Sequence (and Challenge)

An esteemed colleague, Jon Frederickson, and I were talking about arcane issues of technique (spotting and responding to projection of task and will) and he recommend Leston Havens’ 1986 book, MAKING CONTACT: USES OF LANGUAGE IN PSYCHOTHERAPY.  After I ordered it, I read the Preface online (Amazon.com). One long paragraph required a couple of readings to […]

Value of Mediterranean Diet for Depression, ADHD

Three very recent studies have added to the evidence that a modified Mediterranean Diet is not only good for the heart but for brain function as well.  In an Australian study by Felice Jacka and colleagues, 34 patients with severe depression following a modified Mediterranean diet were compared to 33 controls.  The advantages of the […]

Neurofeedback Gets Political?

I just came across an article (blog) that is so topical, so reasonable, and so well-presented that I have decided to reproduce it.  Saul Rosenthal is a Boston-area Health Psychologist.  He writes about a sidelight to the controversies around President Donald Trump’s nominee for Education Secretary, Betsy Voss.  It appears that media coverage of one […]