Anti-Depressants and Pregnancy Risk

With this post I initiate a series on unwanted effects of psychiatric drugs and how EEG neurofeedback can sometimes be used as an alternative or to minimize dosage.  Psychiatric News (from the American Psychiatric Association) reports new information about SSRIs and autism spectrum disorder may alarm women who are—or plan to become—pregnant, but researchers caution that […]

More on the Genetic Factors in ADHD, the Autism Spectrum

ADHD is an invisible disability that is largely non-psychiatric–though it has life-long psychological sequellae for those who grow up with it.  As I noted in a blog entry November 21, 2010, evidence is growing that genetic factors are strongly involved in the complex syndrome we nowadays call Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  Many genetic factors […]

More on Electro-Magnetic Radiation and Cell Phones

Below I have posted a round up of stories on the recent news  from WHO on the increased risk of gliomas tied to heavy cell phone use. This issue is obviously still completely unsettled. As I have written before, I have no doubt about the effect of low energy electro-magnetic  (E-M) radiation on the human […]