Whidbey Island Summer School 2015

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announcement: Captain Whidbey Inn will again be the site of the 2016 Summer School, August 21-26.

I’ve organized over 50 meetings and events, a particular way of learning I enjoy, and the ISTDP Summer School on Whidbey Island, Puget Sound, this year has to rank as my favorite.  We had 21 students (and four teachers) representing every continent on the globe but Antarctica at the Captain Whidbey Inn about three hours from Seattle. Intensive learning, intensive psychotherapy, intensive good times.  A few selected photos are here.  Also a three minute video posted on YouTube is available–it is not the students and faculty after a hard day of study
together, it is a collage of jellyfish seen off the Captain Whidbey Inn dock, Jellyfish Video, Capt’n Whidbey Inn Dock.


A brilliant example of minds working together is Tim Yates’ re-working of Jon Frederickson’s paraphrase of Wilfred Bion into the following:

The essence of ISTDP is an utter commitment on the part of the therapist to knowing his/her own emotional reality and an equal commitment to help patients come to an intimate relationship with their own emotional reality as being the only thing that will, ultimately, heal them.


IMG_0688 DSC02046
DSC02071photos, tmb;photocollage courtesy of Janet Couper MD
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